DDI Workshop 2021

In its 11th year, the Workshop will cover a number of highly important DDI topics in depth.

The Workshop will open with a session about food-drug interactions, including one presentation detailing the highlights of the new FDA Guidance on the assessment of food-drug interactions, and one presentation on the predictability of formulation-dependent food-drug interactions. Implications to drug development strategies will be debated. A third talk in this session will provide an overview on the current knowledge of the gut wall proteomics and its relevance to drug absorption and interactions.

As a new feature there will be a keynote lecture on the philosophy of drug interactions.

As requested by many participants and on the Workshop agenda for years, we will also feature a session on pharmacodynamic drug interactions, with an overview on common pharmacodynamic interactions of clinical importance, and one talk revisiting beneficial and safety-relevant pharmacodynamic interactions in oncology.

Furthermore, there will be for the first time a session on drug interactions in pediatric populations with clinical as well as regulatory aspects.

This will be followed by a translational DMPK session focusing on in-vitro aspects of DDI studies and recent developments in transporter and metabolism DDIs.

Finally, a session on interactions of herbal products with prescribed medications will include a systematic overview and meta-analysis on this topic, translational approaches to reap herb-drug interactions, and include a review on clinically relevant drug interactions with St. John’s wort.

As always, there will be an opportunity for Workshop participants to submit abstracts for poster presentations throughout the Workshop. The best abstracts also will be selected for short oral presentations.

All sessions will provide plenty of opportunity to ask questions and provide comments.

The topics of the 11th International DDI Workshop will be covered by distinguished international scientists and experts from academia, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, consultancies as well as government and regulatory agencies. All topics will be presented from different angles by presenting non-clinical information from in vitro studies, clinical studies as well as PBPK simulations linking non-clinical and clinical data.


We are hoping to welcome you in the newly renovated facilities at Marbach in May of 2021!

The Workshop Organizers

Hartmut Derendorf, PhD, FCP

Robert Hermann, MD, FCP

Amin Rostami-Hodjegan, PhD, FCP

Workshop Programme 2021

Due to the corona virus pandemic, we have postponed the DDI workshop now a second time to May 30th to June 1st 2021. You will find the new, updated programme here shortly.