DDI Workshop 2023 – Registration is now open!

The upcoming Workshop will take place from June 4th to June 6th, 2023.

Considering the current uncertainties around the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, including the spread of more infectious virus mutations on the one hand, and the progress of the vaccination programs across the world on the other hand, we are currently planning for a “hybrid” meeting this year. This means that speakers and attendees will have the opportunity to opt by certain date (see below) between attendance in person at Marbach Castle or for a virtual attendance via video conference (Zooms).There are several factors which are beyond our control. These include rules and requirements of local authorities on size of the gatherings for meetings, as well as international and company guidelines governing travel. In case that any of such restrictions will still be in place by end of May, thereby precluding a gathering of a meaningful number of attendees at Marbach Castle, the entire Workshop will be held as a virtual meeting.

Registration for Physical Attendance at Marbach Castle

Keeping with the tradition of the Marbach event in the past, to maintain the tradition of Marbach DDI Workshop that assures optimal scientific exchange and interaction at personal level, we limit the number of participants to about 70. Therefore, early registration is recommended, to assure your place at the Workshop. In case the meeting is fully booked, a “standby” registration option will be considered which may come into effect in case of cancellations.

Registration for Virtual Conference Attendance

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, registration for a web-based virtual conference attendance on May 30th and May 31st, is possible for the Workshop 2022. Only 2-day registrations for the entire event will be accepted. The fees for the virtual conference attendance will be 50 % of the fees applicable for the physical 2-day attendance at Marbach Castle. The number of virtual conference attendees is limited to 100.

Registration Formalities and Procedures

Workshop participation will be assigned in the sequence of receipt of registration applications. Full confirmation of registration, however, will only be granted upon complete receipt of the Workshop fees, which become payable within 3 weeks after submission of the registration application.

You may register via the Workshop Secretary by:

Fax: +49(0)6051-97 166 93

or by using the electronic registration form below.

For further information, please contact the Workshop Secretary:

Karen Grave-Hermann
Phone: +49(0)6051-97 166 92

Registration Workshop 2023


    Please double check your e-mail address. You will receive a copy of the requested data.


    2.250,00 € – from June 4th to 6th, 2023

    2.150,00 € – from June 4th to 6th, 2023 – (ACCP or DMDG member)

    2.150,00 € – from June 5th to 6th, 2023 only

    2.050,00 € – from June 5th to 6th, 2023 only – (ACCP or DMDG member)

    1.250,00 € – from June 5th to 6th, 2023 only – Virtual Conference


    A limited number of bedrooms are available at Marbach Castle
    (further Hotel capacities in close proximity available upon request):

    1 night – A, single2 nights – A, single

    1 night – A, double2 nights – A, double

    1 night – B, single2 nights – B, single

    1 night – B, double2 nights – B, double

    not required

    Bitte beweisen Sie, dass Sie ein Mensch sind und wählen Sie die Tasse aus.

    Early Bird Rebate

    A 100 € early bird rebate can be discounted from the invoice in case that payments are executed within 30 days of registration and before March 31st.

    Cancellation Policy

    • More than 60 days prior to the Workshop: Cancellation fee of 200,00 €.
    • Within 31 – 59 days prior to the Workshop: 50 % of the fee.
    • Less than 30 days or if no notification received: Registrant liable to pay FULL Workshop fee.

    Note: Cancellation must be addressed in writing (e-mail sufficient) to the Workshop Secretary:


    A limited number of hotel rooms are available at Marbach Castle Conference Centre. We recommend that you reserve your room at the same time you submit your registration. Please select the room category of your choice in the electronic registration form below.

    In case that rooms at the Marbach Castle Conference Centre are fully booked, additional accommodation capacities in close proximity are available upon request. The Workshop Secretary will be happy to advise and assist you with Hotel accommodations.


    By filling out the registration form, the participant gives consent to the DDI Workshop Faculty to process the data provided within the framework of the conference and in compliance with the EDPL Legislation. This includes the following, unless registered participants object:

    • All personal details needed for the applicant’s participation at the event – invoicing, Participant list, Certification of Attendance, contact about the registration, specific diet information, etc
    • Pictures taken during the conference:
      • Accessible only by participants (PW – protected Website area)
      • Accessible by Website visitors (public Website area)

    Data collection and processing: Personal Data and Contact Information will be exclusively used within the framework of registration to the aforementioned event and will not be shared publicly. The collected data is stored on a secured server.

    Right of access: applicants have a right to access and ask for changing or deleting their personal data and pictures.