Hartmut Derendorf Young Scientists Award

The inception of the “Hartmut Derendorf Young Scientists Award” (HDYSA) at the Marbach DDI meeting 2021 was to pay a special tribute in memoriam of our Workshop Co-founder and Faculty colleague Professor Hartmut Derendorf by the Marbach community on an annual basis.

This meant, that from 2021 onwards, the Faculty would identify and nominate each year 2–3 suitably qualified candidates. Upon the agreement of the nominees to participate in the final laureate selection procedure, this will be accomplished by a blinded poll of all speakers and registered workshop attendees using an electronic form at the Marbach DDI Website in advance of the meeting. The elected laureate will then be entitled to present the “Hartmut Derendorf Young Scientists Award Lecture”, and will receive a certificate and a trophy along with a certain financial support (trophy money of 3,000 $) for his/her scientific work.

For financial support of the annual Award, donations will be accepted. Details on how this can be done will be provided by the Workshop Secretary upon request.

Daniel Gonzales, PharmD, PhD

Professor Daniel Gonzales Elected as the First Hartmut Derendorf Young Scientists Award Winner

At the 11th Marbach Castel DDI Workshop Professor Daniel Gonzales (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA) was elected as the first Hartmut Derendorf Young Scientists Award Winner. His awarded lecture entitled “Application of Pharmacometric Approaches and Real-World Data to Characterize Drug-Drug Interactions in Infants and Children”, highlighted strategies to explore potential DDI susceptibilities in younger children using combination of clinical data and PBPK modelling.