Attendee & Speaker Feedback

Written attendee feedback on the question:
What were the best moments or most valuable contents of the Workshop for you?
(Each bullet represents a literal feedback from an individual attendee)


  • The Marbach DDI workshops are always fantastic. This year was amazing. DDIs, PBPK, endogenous biomarkers, special populations, labelling, prescriber support and regulatory PBPK. Very happy to take part and meet everyone during these days.
  • I wanted to say a big thank you for inviting me to the Marbach workshops. The program, presentations, and hosting were all top-notch.
  • I especially appreciated the chance to chat with the other attendees from the pharmaceutical industry and EU regulators. We often started with DDI discussions but ended up learning so much more about different areas.
  • Thanks again for organizing such a great meeting!
  • It was a privilege to participate in the Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) Workshop 2024, held at the picturesque Marbach Castle. The event provided an invaluable opportunity to reconnect with esteemed colleagues from the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory bodies, and academic institutions.
  • The discussions centered around the latest regulatory guidance’s, advancements and challenges in evaluating and mitigating transporters DDIs and DDIs in special populations, fostering a collaborative exchange of knowledge and insights.
  • Thank you for inviting me to 2024 Marbach DDI meeting. I enjoyed all the talks and have wonderful discussions with people. Before I came, I heard that this is a special conference because of the interactive nature of the meeting and quality of the presentations. Now, I can be one to confirm all the recommendations :).
  • Thank you so much for a fantastic meeting. The DDI workshops are unique experiences to immerse in DDI science, meeting new and old friends.
  • It was an absolute honor to be part of this perfectly organized workshop and its eclectic cast of fellow presenters. Congratulations to a successful event!
  • Thank you so much for this wonderful meeting and the opportunity to meet so lovely colleagues from around the world and to share thoughts and ideas!
  • It was a wonderful meeting, and I really enjoyed the interesting and fruitful discussions we had.


  • Dear Robert and Karen, Amin and Ping! A 1000 thanks again for the great meeting! Excellent scientific presentations and discussions, fantastic organization and you made me feel “at home”.
  • Dear All, thank you all for organizing such a wonderful workshop! I enjoyed it.
  • Dear All, it was great meeting you in person, and thank you so much for all your effort to make this meeting so successful.
  • Dear Karen, I would like to thank you for all your efforts and support of the DDI Workshop. This was my first time attending this meeting, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The scientific and social programming were outstanding, and it is very nice catching up with old friends and making new acquaintances. The planning and organization was exceptional, and thank you again for all your contributions to this event.
  • Dear Robert, Thank you very much. Thanks again to you, Amin, and Ping for organizing this wonderful workshop. Very interesting topics. Excellent presentations. Active participation from audience and great discussions.
  • I would like to echo the sentiment expressed by other participants and thank Robert, Amin, and Ping for creating the opportunity for the scientific exchange.
  • I am much impressed by the work of all your organizers!
  • Dear Robert, The Marbach DDI workshop is such a unique and wonderful experience. I truly appreciate the time and effort you and Karen have contributed to this successful meeting. Looking forward to the next one! I also had a great experience biking with some folks on Monday afternoon.
  • Dear Robert, Thank you very much for the most memorable time at Marbach DDI Workshop. Many thanks again for the excellent organization.
  • Dear Robert, Karen, Ping, Amin, Thank you so very much for having me as one of the speakers at the Marbach DDI meeting.  This was such a wonderful honour, experience, and opportunity to interact with leading scientists in the field across the world, and I clearly see the value of having a smaller group that greatly enhances the interactivity and the depth of discussions. I am also touched by the hospitality for making our experience as smooth as it can be.
  • Dear Karen and Robert, I feel honoured to have been a part of this impactful workshop. Once again, thank you for your endless efforts to make the event unforgettable.
  • Beautiful setting for Marbach Castle; Great presentation & discussions; Relaxed small informal environment to stimulate good conversations and opportunity to meet a lot of attendees.
  • Good mix of science subjects and time for informal discussion; most valuable content: biomarker section, smoking, excipients; Thanks for an inspiring, well organized, pleasant conference.
  • Thank you very much for the most memorable time at Marbach DDI Workshop. Many thanks again for the excellent organization.
  • Thank you for organising such a lovely event. We very much enjoyed our introduction to PBPK modelling in such a lovely setting. We hope to meet again at the upcoming meetings.
  • Thank you for all the excellent help and organization as always for Marbach. It was a pleasure to be here again this year.


  • I’ve enjoyed attenting and listening to discussion of such different stake holders (Industry, regulatory, academia).
  • Highlights of the Workshop were meeting again the community after such a long Covid 19 time; In general, high quality presentations and speakers; big thank to the faculty and the organizers. Great work!
  • For me from academia the combination of the content was quite good as it gives a good overview over the field.
  • Most valuable were insights into Chinese regulatory authorities; update on ICH-M12 roadmap – very beneficial that this harmonization will be finalized soon.
  • I’ve enjoyed the personal interaction with attendance and discussions, experience with colleagues! Super! Also, discussions with authorities and other attendees was very helpful; I know it (the Workshop) is happening every year for many years, but never made it, so happy to join this year …
  • My favourite contents included the ICH guideline presentation and all discussions of the presentations. It was great to have Chinese representatives in. I hope this can be done also in the future. There is a need to connect.
  • Important aspects of the meeting were socializing and networking with colleagues from the field of clinical pharmacology, DMPB, modelling and others, and receiving insight from regulatory agents/professionals with regulatory experience and the regulatory panel!
  • Contents such as EMA DDI guideline and ICH M12; informing of dosing discussion using mechanistic modelling were extremely useful; also glimpse into specific DDI such as contraceptives; use of PBPK modelling to support DDI assessment, food interactions; specific case report examples etc;
  • The scenery and atmosphere were wonderful and set the background to an efficient learning experience.


  • Congratulations on what I thought was a very well organised and informative meeting. I look forward to hopefully attending in person next year.
  • Thanks again for a very special Marbach meeting. For me, everything went smoothly, so congratulations to you and all the team who made this possible with all the technicalities!
    As always, there were very refreshing and new thoughts from the different sessions, and some topics covered very new from my perspective, and I learned a lot.
  • Thank you again for the invitation to present at the meeting. I really enjoyed it. I also very much enjoyed all of our interactions over the past 1.5 years. I am grateful to you and the rest of the leadership team for all of your hard work.
  • I also wanted to say that I really enjoyed the meeting! And it was a great idea to take recordings – work very good!
  • The venue looked very intimate and conducive to lively and thoughtful discussions, and I was extremely impressed you were able to pull off those discussions virtually. My hat is off to the faculty organizers and the technical and administrative teams for a successful meeting. Unfortunately, we missed out on the in-person socializing – when great ideas typically evolve – but I would hope we’ll go back to the “old ways” in the near future.
  • Thank you so much to you, your team and the faculty for an amazing first hybrid Marbach.
    Thank you as always for the high quality scientific talks and highlighting new and emerging “hot topics”.
  • The workshop was really informative and I have enjoyed it immensely. Of course, being there in person would have been best but considering the circumstance, I would definitely say it was a success! Thank you all for the opportunity to present at such a highly esteemed event.
    I looked at the feedback form and especially the detailed feedback about the talks and for the first time in my career I could not fault any of the talks in relation to their content, presentation and engagement in the QA. Most of all, and perhaps surprisingly, the sessions and talks were all relevant, so congratulations to the organizers on the choice of speakers and panelists.
  • I missed the personal interaction, but under the current circumstances it was a good solution. The presentations were as good as always and the meeting worked well from a technical point of view.
  • I’m very glad there was an option to join virtually. The organization and all the technical details went very smoothly. All the compliments to the organizers, moderators and all the presenters! Great to have all the presentations recorded, much appreciated.
  • Thank you for offering the choice of online vs. physical participation.
  • Very flexible, and enabled better inclusion. I’m very grateful for pre-prepared slides and presentations.
  • As many other meetings over this pandemic, it was the best compromise out of the circumstances. The files for all material (presentations, references, abstracts) were downloaded easily.
  • Exceptionally good. The organizers did a great job bringing the content and discussions together.
  • I thought it was a very well organised and well-run conference.  Thank you for trying to make it as “real” as possible, even though most people attended virtually. All the talks were very good and relevant, and the majority will be applicable to my job.
  • I think the varied backgrounds of the attendees and hence insightful discussions were the most valuable components.
  • I really love the first presentation on the ‘philisophy of DI’ by Pr Hansten as well as the two introductary lectures on DI FDA guidances (in vitro & clinical).


  • Dear Robert, thank you to you and the organising committee for a great 10th anniversary meeting. The scientific content was world class as always, I learnt a lot and loved the hospitality at Marbach.
  • Hi Amin – I want to thank you for introducing me to such a great meeting. I enjoyed every minute there, the talks, the posters and conversations with the meeting attendants. Thank you for building a great scientific community on DDI, from in vitro all the way to patients. I learned a lot from various perspectives, and will share with my colleagues.
  • Like the previous year, the whole meeting was a great experience – I personally didn’t miss the castle much, thanks to your excellent organisation, we’ve been compensated generously for this loss…
  • Enjoyed the meeting so much. The talks cover a wide range of DDI related topics.
  • What were the best moments of the workshop for you? The opportunity to share our results with leading experts and receive feedback. Receiving update from the same top experts on hot topics; Environment, atmosphere, social interaction – all priceless!


  • Most valuable – DDI perspectives from regulatory agencies and presentations on the changes in the regulatory landscape.
  • The meeting provided an excellent and comprehensive overview on drug interactions from lab to labelling
  • Wishing to expand my pharmacometrics researches into the translational side, this was a precious chance to get in depth knowledges on current issues of PBPK and DDI.
  • I am to hold internal seminars for my team members with slides and references shared in Marbach workshop. – Tons of tasks to learn further!
  • Thank you for organizing such a nice meeting and all the hospitalities. It was a pleasure to participate in this interactive workshop to learn key DDI issues in depth.
  • I’ll take this opportunity to let you know how vastly I enjoyed the meeting, both its professional and social aspects.
  • The vivid discussions around the topic were truly stimulating.
  • Thank you for the perfect organization of the workshop. I’ve enjoyed the workshop as it has been a great opportunity to discuss challenging topics and to meet interesting people.
  • It was a very good workshop, very well organized. This was a good selection of topics.
  • Many thanks for an excellent and enjoyable workshop! I sincerely hope that you will go on with this tradition!
  • I did enjoy the meeting a lot and had a lot of inspiration and carried new ideas with me home. Also, very valuable contacts of a lot of nice people that I met.
  • The poster session and the related discussions were very good.
  • I’ve enjoyed the open discussions and the collaborative environment.
  • Contact to interesting people, relaxing atmosphere, great place.
  • Great discussions with colleagues at this marvellous location.


  • The whole meeting was very relevant.
  • All great speakers with interesting and relevant talks. Great for networking as it is a small   meeting. Stunning location. Perfect agenda with mix of talks and breaks.
  • I enjoyed all the talks. This is my first Marbach DDI meeting – great location, talks …; looking forward again for this meeting!
  • Overall it’s an excellent workshop. For me the most valuable contents are the formulation dependent DDI and Blood Brain Barrier session.
  • The discussion with colleagues and the presentations of the speakers were most valuable. Panel discussions and Q&A sessions were very informative.
  • Complete and comprehensive presentations, very good and useful examples.
  • High quantity of PBPK presentations (and quality!), good mixture between industry/academic/regulatory presentations. Good number of participants.
  • Hearing from representatives from the FDA and EMA is very valuable!
  • Most valuable to me were the Guideline presentations by different representatives from Health Authorities.
  • I found the ‘Transporter Probe-Drug Cocktail’ presented by P. Stopfer and discussion extremely valuable.
  • The discussion after each talk, especially when the questions involved the regulatory colleagues and the exchange that occurred.
  • Networking during dinners etc., personal interaction with regulators.


  • All presentations were of high quality, notably the clinical aspects of DDI (clinical relevance);
  • Nice spectrum from in vitro to in vivo, in silico, clinical perspective; Construction / design of sessions;
  • The FDA point of view on DDI was really an interesting topic; Food effects in drug development was also an important topic for me as well as the key prinicples presentations about fm and fu;
  • Very good ratio from presentations / discussions; bring together the various standpoints, medicine / PBPK moddeling, in vitro, industry;
  • All presentations were of high quality, notably the clinical aspects of DDI (clinical relevance);
  • As PBPK modeller, I found regulatory presentation & comments very useful as well as many discussion with participants;
  • There is a lot time for discussion; Many opportunities to interact with the rest of participants;
  • I enjoyed the opportunities for interaction between participants & speakers;


  • Practical and regulatory approaches of clinical DDI studies;
    Use of PBPK models to waive part of DDI studies: regulatory position & real experience from the field.
  • The program overall was very varied and at the same time very focused;
    Good networking opportunities.
  • The diversity – in vitro – in vivo – clinical – regulatory etc.; Organization – the slides are available. Q&A is encouraged.
  • The discussions and feedback during the breaks. Day I more interesting compare to day 2 (except Sugiyama).
  • Fruitful discussion with colleagues during the whole workshop.
  • All discussions were of high quality and interest, particularly data from modelisation, simulations!
  • DDIs clinical settings, real-world clinical practise DDIs, regulatory aspects, ketoconazole, FDA food-drug interactions, PBPK.


  • One of the best meetings joined within the last years;
    Highly interactive;
    Quite a few ‘mind-widening’ talks.
  • Discussion after the talks war very open and informative;
    I also found the broad range of backgrounds and quality of speakers was excellent.
  • Networking opportunities. Getting to knew colleagues on more professional and personnel level;
    Nice to see many regular and new attendees;
    Really enjoyed Henriette Meyers and Andrew Parkinson’s presentations.
  • Sufficient breaks for networking, program not overload, great food, great concert;
    Great location (except infrastructure).
  • Small group talks during spare time with other participants.
  • Room for easy interaction between participants;
    Bringing regulators, academia & industry together.
  • Interaction with other people;
    Poster session with presentation on protein content / transporter functionality;
    session on chemistry <–> transporter liability.
  • A very useful workshop;
    All issues – incl. social activities – were very useful and of high quality;
    Will join the workshop 2015
  • Congrats to the organisers, thanks.


  • Bringing together world-wide leaders in the field of DDI in an inspiring and “entertaining” setting.
  • Combining in-vitro/preclinical, clinical development and this year also post marketing views and perspectives on DDI in a well balanced way.
  • The time for discussion of questions.
  • Networking with others at break time & dinner.
  • Highly professional overall organization!
  • Very interesting guests to interact with.
  • Lots of interesting talks & discussions.
  • Thank you very much.


  • Polling session was good attempt to foster discussion.
  • Many excellent presentations.
  • Information on all the in vitro studies available to perform DDI studies.
  • Very informative lectures.
  • Meeting colleagues/experts.
  • Wonderful location…
  • The regulatory perspectives were the most valuable;
    Besides, the poll session was very insightful.
  • The musical performance – Compliments to the organizers for a job well done!


  • Relevant presentations; venue & staff at venue!; organisers!!
  • Very good time discipline of speakers!
  • Great workshop were session I and the presentations on DDI in oncology were the most valuable for me. In addition the discussions following the presentations were very valuable as well.
  • Excellent meeting overall – great location/facility.
  • Excellent location/venue; Clinical aspects on DDIs; Concert.


  • The creation of such a platform is of great importance!
    Small size allowed good interactions among participants & speakers;
  • This workshop provided a comprehensive overview of DDIs across the scientific, clinical and regulatory aspects, making it a unique educational experience and providing opportunity for active scientific and strategic discussion and debate in this emerging inter-disciplinary area;
  • Excellent overview and forum;
    Perfect timing for discussing the new guidance;
    Providing presentation on a USB drive = excellent;
    Boat trip, music, coffee, snacks etc = brilliant!