Why You Should Attend

  • Become familiarized
    with pharma­codynamic drug interactions
  • Get comprehensively informed
    about in vitro and in vivo aspects of the ICH M12 drug interaction guide­line from regulatory and industry perspectives
  • Build up knowledge
    on biomarkers for detecting clinical DDIs
  • Update yourself
    on the role of liquid biopsy in assessing the induction / suppression of enzymes and transporters 
  • See what Is behind the smokescreen:
    Review of methodological aspects of smoking interaction studies over the last three decades and implications for future clinical trials 
  • Reflect and compare methodo­logical standards
    of food effect studies vs smoking interaction studies
  • Hear about the latest update on FDA scientific efforts
    in the investigation of excipient drug interactions
  • Be informed about
    the DDI potential of major pharmaceutical excipients on transporters and enzymes
  • Get an overview of 2022 NDA Reviews:
    Understand the risk of metabolism- and transporter-­based DDIs with novel drugs approved by the US FDA
  • Hear about the latest update
    on the PBPK model repository

… and most importantly meet, discuss and network
with a unique community of scientific and regulatory experts from pharmaceutical and contract research-industries, international regulatory bodies, non-government organizations and academia.