Attendee Quotations 2019

  • Dear Robert, thank you to you and the organising committee for a great 10th anniversary meeting. The scientific content was world class as always, I learnt a lot and loved the hospitality at Marbach.
  • Hi Amin - I want to thank you for introducing me to such a great meeting. I enjoyed every minute there, the talks, the posters and conversations with the meeting attendants. Thank you for building a great scientific community on DDI, from in vitro all the way to patients. I learned a lot from various perspectives, and will share with my colleagues.
  • Like the previous year, the whole meeting was a great experience - I personally didn't miss the castle much, thanks to your excellent organisation, we've been compensated generously for this loss...
  • Enjoyed the meeting so much. The talks cover a wide range of DDI related topics.
  • What were the best moments of the workshop for you? The opportunity to share our results with leading experts and receive feedback. Receiving update from the same top experts on hot topics; Environment, atmosphere, social interaction - all priceless!