Attendee Quotations 2018

Written attendee feedback on the question:
What were the best moments or most valuable contents of the Workshop for you?
(Each bullet represents a literal feedback from an individual attendee)

  • Most valuable – DDI perspectives from regulatory agencies and presentations on the changes in the regulatory landscape.
  • The meeting provided an excellent and comprehensive overview on drug interactions from lab to labelling
  • Wishing to expand my pharmacometrics researches into the translational side, this was a precious chance to get in depth knowledges on current issues of PBPK and DDI.
  • I am to hold internal seminars for my team members with slides and references shared in Marbach workshop. - Tons of tasks to learn further! 
  • Thank you for organizing such a nice meeting and all the hospitalities. It was a pleasure to participate in this interactive workshop to learn key DDI issues in depth. 
  • I’ll take this opportunity to let you know how vastly I enjoyed the meeting, both its professional and social aspects.
  • The vivid discussions around the topic were truly stimulating.
  • Thank you for the perfect organization of the workshop. I’ve enjoyed the workshop as it has been a great opportunity to discuss challenging topics and to meet interesting people. 
  • It was a very good workshop, very well organized. This was a good selection of topics.
  • Many thanks for an excellent and enjoyable workshop! I sincerely hope that you will go on with this tradition!
  • I did enjoy the meeting a lot and had a lot of inspiration and carried new ideas with me home. Also, very valuable contacts of a lot of nice people that I met.
  • The poster session and the related discussions were very good.
  • I’ve enjoyed the open discussions and the collaborative environment.
  • Contact to interesting people, relaxing atmosphere, great place.
  • Great discussions with colleagues at this marvellous location.