Attendee Quotations 2017

Written attendee feedback on the question:
What were the best moments or most valuable contents of the Workshop for you?
(Each bullet represents a literal feedback from an individual attendee)

  • The whole meeting was very relevant.
  • All great speakers with interesting and relevant talks. Great for networking as it is a small   meeting. Stunning location. Perfect agenda with mix of talks and breaks.
  • I enjoyed all the talks. This is my first Marbach DDI meeting – great location, talks …; looking forward again for this meeting!
  • Overall it’s an excellent workshop. For me the most valuable contents are the formulation dependent DDI and Blood Brain Barrier session.
  • The discussion with colleagues and the presentations of the speakers were most valuable. Panel discussions and Q&A sessions were very informative.
  • Complete and comprehensive presentations, very good and useful examples.
  • High quantity of PBPK presentations (and quality!), good mixture between industry/academic/regulatory presentations. Good number of participants.
  • Hearing from representatives from the FDA and EMA is very valuable!
  • Most valuable to me were the Guideline presentations by different representatives from Health Authorities.
  • I found the ‘Transporter Probe-Drug Cocktail’ presented by P. Stopfer and discussion extremely valuable.
  • The discussion after each talk, especially when the questions involved the regulatory colleagues and the exchange that occurred.
  • Networking during dinners etc., personal interaction with regulators.