Attendee Quotations 2015

Written attendee feedback on the question:
What were the best moments or most valuable contents of the Workshop for you?
(Each bullet represents a literal feedback from an individual attendee)

  • Practical and regulatory approaches of clinical DDI studies;
    Use of PBPK models to waive part of DDI studies: regulatory position & real experience from the field.
  • The program overall was very varied and at the same time very focused;
    Good networking opportunities.
  • The diversity – in vitro – in vivo – clinical – regulatory etc.; Organization – the slides are available. Q&A is encouraged.
  • The discussions and feedback during the breaks. Day I more interesting compare to day 2 (except Sugiyama).
  • Fruitful discussion with colleagues during the whole workshop.
  • All discussions were of high quality and interest, particularly data from modelisation, simulations!
  • DDIs clinical settings, real-world clinical practise DDIs, regulatory aspects, ketoconazole, FDA food-drug interactions, PBPK.