Speakers 2010

Derendorf, Hartmut, PhD, FCP; College of Pharmacy, University of Florida, USA;

Fuhr, Uwe, MD; Clinical Pharmacology, University of Cologne, Germany;

Gil Berglund, Eva, PhD; Medical Product Agency (MPA), Sweden;

Hermann, Robert, MD, FCP; cr.appliance, German;

Parkinson, Andrew, PhD; XPD Consulting, Shawnee, Kansas, USA;

Ragueneau-Majlessi, Isabelle, MD; Dept. of Pharmaceutics, University of Washington, USA;

Rostami-Hodjegan, Amin, PharmD, PhD, FCP; University of Manchester, UK;

von Richter, Oliver, PhD, FCP; Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals, Holzkirchen, Germany;