Amin Rostami-Hodjegan, PhD, FCP, FAAPS, FJSSX

Amin is co-director of the Centre for Applied Pharmacokinetic Research (CAPKR) at the University of Manchester. In 2007, whilst working at the University of Sheffield, he was the first full Professor appointed with the title of ‘Systems Pharmacology’. Professor Rostami has authored/co-authored over 230 highly cited articles (>10,000 citations, H-Factor >50). In 2017, he was listed by ISI (Clarivate) as one of the world’s most highly cited researchers (under the theme of ‘Pharmacology & Toxicology’). He was a founding editor of Pharmacometrics and System Pharmacology and serves on the Editorial Boards of several other journals (e.g. BDD, CDM, CPDD, DMPK). Professor Rostami is renowned for his contribution to translational modelling (e.g. PBPK) and has been an invited speaker at over 180 international and national meetings, in addition to leading numerous workshops in the area of IVIVE- PBPK linked models.

 Professor Rostami has an active program of training PhD students involving proteomics, PBPK, clinical PKPD and precision dosing.  Graduates from his team hold positions in the pharmaceutical industry or academia.

 As a co-founder of Simcyp Limited (a University of Sheffield spin-off acquired by Certara), Amin joined Certara in 2012. Certara is the largest company focused on modelling and Simulation in the pharmaceutical industry. As the Senior Vice President of Research & Development and Chief Scientific Officer at Certara, he ensures that the latest scientific advances in the field of biosimulation are incorporated into all of the drug development efforts by various pharmaceutical companies.