Attendee Quotations History

Written attendee feedback on the question:
What were the best moments or most valuable contents of the Workshop for you?
(Each bullet represents a literal feedback from an individual attendee)


  • The whole meeting was very relevant.

  • All great speakers with interesting and relevant talks. Great for networking as it is a small   meeting. Stunning location. Perfect agenda with mix of talks and breaks.

  • I enjoyed all the talks. This is my first Marbach DDI meeting – great location, talks …; looking forward again for this meeting!

  • Overall it’s an excellent workshop. For me the most valuable contents are the formulation dependent DDI and Blood Brain Barrier session.

  • The discussion with colleagues and the presentations of the speakers were most valuable. Panel discussions and Q&A sessions were very informative.

  • Complete and comprehensive presentations, very good and useful examples.

  • High quantity of PBPK presentations (and quality!), good mixture between industry/academic/regulatory presentations. Good number of participants.

  • Hearing from representatives from the FDA and EMA is very valuable!

  • Most valuable to me were the Guideline presentations by different representatives from Health Authorities.

  • I found the ‘Transporter Probe-Drug Cocktail’ presented by P. Stopfer and discussion extremely valuable.

  • The discussion after each talk, especially when the questions involved the regulatory colleagues and the exchange that occurred.

  • Networking during dinners etc., personal interaction with regulators.


  • All presentations were of high quality, notably the clinical aspects of DDI (clinical relevance);
  • Nice spectrum from in vitro to in vivo, in silico, clinical perspective; Construction / design of sessions;

  • The FDA point of view on DDI was really an interesting topic; Food effects in drug development was also an important topic for me as well as the key prinicples presentations about fm and fu;

  • Very good ratio from presentations / discussions; bring together the various standpoints, medicine / PBPK moddeling, in vitro, industry;

  • All presentations were of high quality, notably the clinical aspects of DDI (clinical relevance);

  • As PBPK modeller, I found regulatory presentation & comments very useful as well as many discussion with participants;
  • There is a lot time for discussion; Many opportunities to interact with the rest of participants;

  • I enjoyed the opportunities for interaction between participants & speakers;


  • Practical and regulatory approaches of clinical DDI studies; 
    Use of PBPK models to waive part of DDI studies: regulatory position & real experience from the field;
  • The program overall was very varied and at the same time very focused; 
    Good networking opportunities;
  • The diversity – in vitro – in vivo – clinical – regulatory etc.; Organization – the slides are available. Q&A is encouraged;
  • The discussions and feedback during the breaks. Fruitful discussion with colleagues during the whole workshop;
  • All discussions were of high quality and interest, particularly data from modelisation, simulations;
  • DDIs clinical settings, real-world clinical practise DDIs, regulatory aspects, ketoconazole, FDA food-drug interactions, PBPK.


  • One of the best meetings joined within the last years;
    Highly interactive; 
    Quite a few ‘mind-widening’ talks;
  • Discussion after the talks war very open and informative;
    I also found the broad range of backgrounds and quality of speakers was excellent.
  • Networking opportunities. Getting to know colleagues on more professional and personnel level; 
    Nice to see many regular and new attendees;
  • Sufficient breaks for networking, program not overload, great food, great concert;
    Great location;
  • Small group talks during spare time with other participants.
  • Room for easy interaction between participants;
    Bringing regulators, academia & industry together.
  • Interaction with other people;
    Poster session with presentation on protein content / transporter functionality;
    session on chemistry <--> transporter liability;
  • A very useful workshop;
    All issues – incl. social activities – were very useful and of high quality;
    Will join the workshop 2015;
  • Congrats to the organisers, thanks.


  • Bringing together world-wide leaders in the field of DDI in an inspiring and “entertaining” setting;
  • Combining in-vitro/preclinical, clinical development and this year also post marketing views and perspectives on DDI in a well balanced way;
  • The time for discussion of questions;
  • Networking with others at break time & dinner;
  • Highly professional overall organization;
  • Very interesting guests to interact with;
  • Lots of interesting talks & discussions;
  • Thank you very much.


  • Polling session was good attempt to foster discussion;
  • Many excellent presentations;
  • Information on all the in vitro studies available to perform DDI studies;
  • Very informative lectures;
  • Meeting colleagues/experts;
  • Wonderful location;
  • The regulatory perspectives were the most valuable; 
    Besides, the poll session was very insightful;
  • The musical performance – Compliments to the organizers for a job well done!


  • Relevant presentations; venue & staff at venue!; organisers!!
  • Very good time discipline of speakers!
  • Great workshop were session I and the presentations on DDI in oncology were the most valuable for me. In addition the discussions following the presentations were very valuable as well.
  • Excellent meeting overall – great location/facility.
  • Excellent location/venue; Clinical aspects on DDIs; Concert.


  • The creation of such a platform is of great importance!
    Small size allowed good interactions among participants & speakers;
  • This workshop provided a comprehensive overview of DDIs across the scientific, clinical and regulatory aspects, making it a unique educational experience and providing opportunity for active scientific and strategic discussion and debate in this emerging inter-disciplinary area;
  • Excellent overview and forum;
    Perfect timing for discussing the new guidance;
    Providing presentation on a USB drive = excellent;
    Boat trip, music, coffee, snacks etc = brilliant!